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Reducing the efficiency gap in gear machining


Gear parts and bevel gear manufacturers are constantly seeking to replace the traditional processing technology. Flexibility in the selection of machine tools has become a major consideration, because companies do not want to be confined to relatively small gear Market segments. German HellerMaschinenfabrikGmbH company through the sincere cooperation with the Voith company, has developed a significant increase in production efficiency of the process, the pre milling and gear milling process can often be completed on a single machine.

It is worth noting that gear milling has recently been included in a number of machine tool manufacturers hot topic. In fact, it is obvious that we can use the existing capabilities of the five axis machining to explore new applications beyond the traditional application of the machining center. Heller is also committed to this. Heller is headquartered in Neil Tingen, Germany, following the launch of the new F Series in the fall of 2009, Heller in the five axis technology application and a step forward. Gear milling provides the opportunity to tap the five axis machining center F series and all the potential of the MCH-C series has been validated, and the opportunity to make full use of the machine's ability and a variety of processing possibilities. Finally, Heller worked closely with Voith to develop a new process for a specific application. Both companies have filed a patent application for the process in the hope of causing a stir in the industry.

When the traditional gear manufacturer special machine tool market segments continue to focus on gear machining and tool, machining center manufacturer solutions for various applications and use special software to realize gear modeling to provide complete processing. This kind of processing is based on mathematical methods, allowing the CAD/CAM process to produce a perfect groove. According to the literature of gear technology, there is no comprehensive mathematical model, such as bevel gear system. Therefore, each CAD model for the CAD/CAM process is an approximate model. The traditional gear cutting machine is based on the specific machine tool structure and has the corresponding kinematic characteristics. This kind of machine tool generates the corresponding tooth shape according to the setting parameters of the input to the machine tool. Although similar to the gear hobbing process, the Heller method is completely different: the gear parameters specified on the drawing are directly input into the machine tool control panel. Then, the control panel is used to generate the five axis cutting path which is suitable for roughing and finishing. As a result, there is no need for mathematically accurate 3D geometric models. Instead, use predefined gear data from drawings. The measuring machine will report the data that can be directly input to the machine tool control panel for processing. Another major benefit of this approach is that current tool data such as tool wear can be incorporated into the process in real time. Therefore, the accuracy is improved accordingly. In addition to the tooth processing, HELLER also provides pre milling process of semi-finished products. In this way, the full pre cutting of the outer contour and the inner contour can be realized by the first clamping, and the milling teeth can be carried out at the second clamping time. In order to improve process control, a specially adapted NC program was developed. As a result, the entire workpiece can be machined on a single machine tool.

Production efficiency increased by 2 times

In the process of programming, the other five axis machining centers claim that their machining centers are also common and suitable for gear milling. For example, the use of milling cutter can provide a high degree of flexibility. But, according to Heller's business development manager, Dr. HannesZipse, this approach is not particularly productive. "We usually have a high removal rate of processing chip, to obtain the same results of gear milling. Therefore, we work closely with Sandvik Coromant, jointly developed with crown milling cutters for indexable inserts - (crown-millingcutter), such as hob cutter. This has played an important role, compared with the traditional processing methods, production efficiency increased by 2 times. This means that the wider the tooth spacing, the higher the productivity. "The level of production efficiency depends essentially on the static and dynamic stability of the machine tool. This is one of the most important points in Heller's technology development director, ReinholdSiegler: "very tight clamping is a necessary condition. This means that in our solution, the pallet chuck is very close to the upper edge of the tray so as to firmly clamp the gear or bevel gear. Other benefits include mechanical components, our strong abnormal spindle high rigidity and is suitable for short cutting process of rough machining of demanding requirements. This is another reason why we can get higher efficiency in the process of machining in the rough machining.

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